Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a contact lens prescription same or different from my eyeglasses prescription?

A1. It mostly depends on your prescription. Basically, contact lenses are just lens like the ones in your glasses, but contact lens sits closer to eyes compared to eyeglasses lens, so someone with strong prescription or astigmatism may need different power than their eyeglasses to compensate for the same.

It is recommended that at the time of ordering contact lenses, you have your current and updated contact lens prescription ready which specifies the power of the lenses, the size of the lens, and additionally the type and brand of lens. 


Q2. Can I wear soft contact lenses if I have astigmatism?

A2. Yes, “Toric Lens” is what you would need to wear if you have astigmatism which will correct your astigmatism. But these lenses are usually slightly more expensive and there are fewer varieties available than there are with regular (spherical) lenses.


Q3. Can I wear soft contact lenses if I need bifocals?

A3. Yes, you can use “bifocal lens” and there are a numerous contact lenses designed for people who need bifocal (multifocal) correction. However, same as the Toric lenses these bifocal lenses are usually slightly more expensive and there are fewer varieties available than there are with regular (spherical) lenses. 


Q4. Do I have to replace my monthly lens every month even If I only wear my monthly disposable contacts part time?

A4. No, your lens can last longer than a month if you do not wear them full time, as the replacement schedule refers to actual wearing time. If you have concerns then it is advisable to consult your eye care practitioner.



Q5. I think my monthly disposable contacts lenses are still in good condition after 30 days of wear, can I continue to wear them or do I need to replace them?

A5. It is very important to follow the contact lens wearing schedule prescribed by your doctor in order to maintain optimal eye health and comfort.

One of the advantages of wearing disposable lenses is that your eyes get a fresh pair of lenses every cycle. Following the regular replacement schedule is highly recommended to ensure the health of your eyes and comfort in wearing contact lenses. 


Q6. Your website lists my lens as 2 week disposable, but my doctor recommends that I can wear them for 4 weeks, so which is correct? 

A6. The lens wearing schedules that we provide on our website are sourced from information provided by the contact lens manufacturers. However, doctors may decide on a different wearing schedule (shorter or longer) for a patient based on individual lifestyle, wearing habits, work environments, cleaning methods and other similar factors. It is recommended that you follow the wearing schedule prescribed by your doctor and consult the doctor if there are any concerns, moreover it is recommended not to ignore any eye discomfort.


Q7. Will colored contact lenses work for me if I have dark eyes?

A7. Yes, they are called opaque contacts which work on all kind of eyes as opposed to enhancer tint lenses which work only on light colored eyes. There are several disposable colored lenses for dark eyes like FreshLook ColorBlends and Freshkon ColorFusion.


Q8. Will colored contact lenses look exactly the same color on me like the one you show on your color charts?

A8. Not always, it may appear slightly different since different people have different eye colors.

But you can get a fairly good idea from the chart on how it will look like.


Q9. Can I swim with my disposable contact lenses on? 

A9. It is best to remove contact lenses before swimming and put them on after swimming since there are numerous bacteria in the water that may cause infection in your eyes.

However, if you still decide to swim with your lenses on, please ensure that you swim with your swimming goggles on to avoid water going in the eyes.


Q10. How good are your prices?

A10. We strive to be as competitive as possible and we always welcome suggestions on how we can do better.

Q11. Do I need to upload a prescription for ordering?

A11. No, we do not require you to upload a prescription, but it is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid prescription and to order according to the prescription, we do not provide any fitting, comfort, replacement or any other guarantee without a valid prescription.


Q12. How long will it take for my lenses to be shipped?

A12. Expect 3-7 days on most type of lenses, certain lenses like Toric, Multifocal may take longer as they are specific orders and may need to be sourced as per order.